Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Sayonara California

I was heartened a couple weeks ago to read the Gov Schwarzenegger's ballot propositions were polling favorably. I thought, for just a brief moment that California may be saved from the confiscatory liberals and unions. I thought maybe, just maybe, The Governator could make the Golden State golden again.

Well color me naive. The election results are appalling, and depressing to whatever non-elite/non-welfare citizens still live there.

With 81% of the precincts reporting, Proposition 75 limiting how the Democrat-leaning public unions can donate to political races was being rejected by a margin of 52% to 48% of the vote, after leading in earlier returns after polls closed. Another measure, Proposition 74 making it easier to fire bad teachers, was trailing by 46% to 54%. His two other measures, Proposition 76 to cap state spending and Proposition 77 to appoint judges to redo voting districts now drawn by legislators, were losing handily by margins of 61% and 58%, respectively.

The preliminary results marked a stunning victory for the state's public unions, who had spent more than $100 million to campaign against all four initiatives, which they said would have harmed the state's teachers, nurses, police and firemen. Many political analysts say the governor took a risk by taking on unions like nurses and teachers, whose members are widely liked by the general public. After months of attack ads and public demonstrations against the Republican governor, his approval rating has fallen to 37% from 65% a year ago, according to the most recent California Field Poll in late October.

So crappy California teachers still cannot be fired. The unions will still have the legislature in their back pocket, to the detriment of the union membership who actually pay the dues. State spending will remain uncontrollable. And the voters even rejected the non-partisan redistricting panel! There's no non-partisan explanation for that one. Clearly the dems got out the vote much more thoroughly than did the republicans.

It looks like California is heading back into the dark ages.

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am to have moved out of California?


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