Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Waiting on a visa/internet service

Our internet was not working for the past 9 or so days. That is why I haven't been blogging. The usual outage without explanation.

My wife's visa interview at the American embassy in Moscow was on Monday. She said it went well but there were a couple of potential problems which got sorted out. They did not ask her many questions. The fact that we have a Russian marriage certificate helps. The embassy officials are mainly looking for fraud and going through the trouble of getting married in Russia, over a year ago, makes fraud on our parts extremely unlikely. I thought that I was going to be able to go in with her but the guards had other ideas. There was one document which I needed to have notarized by an embassy official so I had planned on doing that when we went in. No such luck. The problem was her interview started at 8 am and the American Citizen Services (ACS) did not open until 9 am. Luckily it was a warm day, HAHAHA. I asked the guard nicely if he could ask an embassy official to come outside and sign the paper. No chance. Then I put on my trader voice and asked him what I was supposed to do. He handed me a piece of paper with the embassy helpline on it. I called it but I knew that I was going to be out of luck.

The other problem was that I forgot to give her the money she needed to pay for the visa. I did not realize this until she had entered so I went up to the guards and asked nicely if they could find her and tell her to come outside so I could give her the money. No problem. She came out and I gave her the money. I did have to wait for ACS to open and went in to have a nice girl notarize it and then say she would take it over to my wife.

I went home to wait and my wife was home at 10.30 am. Her mother had spent the night and was cooking lunch for us when Inna got back. Some how, my mother-in-law had gotten the idea that Inna would not be back until 3 pm. (Actually, I said to her it was going to be about 3 hours and my bad Russian translated into 3 pm.) Mother was very worried at first but Inna explained everything was ok except that she was missing some papers. Damn, so the woman at the embassy did not give it to her. Then Inna explained that a woman did give her some papers but she did not know what they were for so she did not give them to the interviewer. So, back to the embassy to drop them off.

We don't know how long it will take them to go through everything and issue the visa. I plan on calling the embassy and asking about progress on Friday. As soon as we have it in our hot little hands I am booking the tickets home. When is Thanksgiving this year?


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