Thursday, November 24, 2005


XBox 360 Recall?

Sue me? Yeah, go ahead and sue me.

Posted by John Smith.

This is the XBox 360 version of the blue screen of death that was more common for older versions of windows. This and other problems have been popping up with the new X360 but it is too soon to say that a recall is in order or this is standard number of units that fail.

Just how widespread is the scope of 360 problems, though? It's a little too early to call whether these problems are systemic or isolated bugs. Consumers have to spend a little more time with the machines and we do, too, testing out various games and Xbox Live experiences. We also need to divide the hardware problems from the software bugs. Microsoft has been alerted to these issues and are currently investigating. We should have a statement from them shortly.

Of course, the people who are happy with their X360's are into their 76th hour of game play and are not likely to have gone to the eaten, showered, or gone to the bathroom much less get online to tell everyone what a great time they are having.

Here are links to Gamespots X360 message boards talking about problems and giving a humorous explanation for the name XBox 360:

Why it is called 360?

Xbox 360: From the factory.. to you.. and full-circle back home to the factory after it overheats and crashes.
I am glad I am in Russia so I wouldn't have been tempted to buy this ASAP. Of course, I am not known for making impulse purchases of big ticket items.


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