Thursday, December 15, 2005


The Case of the Empty Cases

After purchasing a new iPod (with video!) I decided to start transferring some of my CDs via iTunes so I would have them all in one convenient place. I've been pretty good about taking care of my CDs over the years and have accumulated over 300 since I first purchased a CD player way back in 1986. The CDs have always been kept in alphabetical order by artist and then arranged in chronological order.

Since my new iPod has video I decided to purchase a video clip from of the last out of the White Sox World Series victory in game 4 and the winning HR in game 2. However I soon discovered that they cannot be played on my iPod since they are Microsoft products (format) and cannot be converted since they are 'protected'. No big deal since I only invested $0.99 in them.

Back to my CDs. As I go throught them one by one I am discovering that some of my CD cases are empty! Hmmm. Who is to blame for this? It's not Microsoft. I wonder. I have always been consistent in putting them back in their case when done with them. Perhaps someone else has had access to them?


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