Monday, December 19, 2005


Lightening Strikes

Horse does not get out(see previous post). Colts 13-1.

I've always respected the honesty of the members of the '72 Dolphins when discussing their perfect season. They all seemed to reject the notion that you root for someone to break or tie your records. Some in the media who cover sports speak negatively of this attitude and I'm not sure why. It could be selfishness on their part in wanting to see a record fall for the pure specticle or perhaps it is some political correctness creeping in and promoting sharing of such records.

A few years ago a women college basketball player was allowed to score a basket and thus break the school scoring record despite her leg being in a cast from an injury. Both teams played a part in this stunt. I thought it stupid. The record was set by someone who missed time due to injury. Conspiring to let someone score uncontested just for a record seemed to make that record worthless.

Bob Griese ('72 Dolphins QB) displayed some of this mentality:
"In the end, I was sorry to see them lose, because it would have been great for a team like that to win them all," Griese said. "It's not like they are the Oakland Raiders, where it would be hard to root for them to go undefeated."

Sorry to see them lose? I don't believe that. The rest of the Dolphins are more honest but at least he acknowledged that some teams are more difficult to root for. I would have been less disappointed with the Colts achieving perfection that the '85 Bears for the same reason Griese was opposed to the Raiders.


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