Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Microsoft fined!

I think $32MM is a rounding error on their balance sheets.

This is humorous:
GWACHEON, South Korea - South Korean antitrust regulators ruled that Microsoft Corp. abused its software market dominance, fined it $32 million and ordered the company to offer alternative versions of its Windows operating system that country within six months. Microsoft said it will fight the decision in court.

Looks like Microsofty netted over $12Billion last quarter. At that rate it would take them all of 6 hours to pay off this fine. No wonder they're determined to fight it!

In related news:
A major U.K. retail store and three of the largest PC vendors worldwide still have no plans to sell the version of Microsoft Windows that does not contain its media player, five months after the version was released.

Recall how the EU forced Microsoft to offer this product and even forced them to change it's name! (Love or hate msft the thought of European bureaucrats dictating a U.S. company's marketing campaign is ridiculous.) This episode clearly illustrates the 'benefits' of gov't meddling in private enterprise.


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