Thursday, December 29, 2005


Who knows?

Pete Townshend seems to:

While a traditional album is not expected, Townshend said new music will emerge, although it was unknown if it would be in a physical or digital format. "No, it is not an 'EP,' " he says. "It is a truly inspired idea."
For a long time an 'album' or about 35-45 minutes of music seemed necessary to justify some kind of new material release from musicians. This way of thinking produced countless albums/cds with a few worthwhile tunes and several tracks of garbage recorded only to fill time. It was like a student with a good idea trying to fill the mandatory x-amount of pages for an assignment regardless of weather or not the idea was worth more than one page.

Sure, it helps that Townshend is not exactly hurting for money but I like his attitude on both the small and larger scale. I'd like to see musicians take a different approach to releasing music and can see the changes have been coming for some time now. If a few or even just one song is all an artist is inspired to write I don't see anything wrong with leaving it at that. I realize there might not be as much of a payday but it is a more honest approach and technology (downloading music by the song) makes it more possible.


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