Thursday, January 19, 2006


Al Qaeda Reaches Out To Democrats

Osama bin Laden has offered Americans a truce. Powerline notes:
Bin Laden goes on to propose a truce that is "fair and long-term." The terms don't seem precisely clear, but they apparently have to do with us exiting Afghanistan and Iraq, which will give al Qaeda a chance to "build Iraq and Afghanistan," while enabling the U.S. (in addition, presumably, to avoiding attack) to save billions of dollars that would otherwise go to "merchants of war."
Its obvious who his intended audience is.

Matto Adds:
Tom Maquire has a pretty good summary of how even some in the MSM noticed that UBL was using DNC talking points.

Very strange, perverse actually, that comments from Howard Dean et al are indistinguishable from those of our enemy.


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