Monday, January 30, 2006


'Classic Political Puffery'

As usual, it takes a federal court proceeding to reveal the truth

The people of Illinois got a surprisingly candid admission about truth and politics in our state:
Facing lawsuits from fired prison officials who say Gov. Rod Blagojevich broke his pledge to keep good employees, lawyers for the state offered a surprising defense: His promises were 'classic political puffery.'

In a political year, the premise that Blagojevich made promises he didn't intend to keep could be troublesome for the governor to explain. But the puffery defense proved to be a sound legal strategy.

A federal appellate court agreed with the administration's lawyers who argued in court filings that the governor's comments were not binding.
Insincerity seems to be the only thing our governor is capable of being candid about. Considering that Bill Clinton is Governor Blagojevich's role model, an admission such as this comes as quite a shock.


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