Friday, January 20, 2006


Irony of the Lefties

Seems that the obmusdman on the Washington Post's blog had the temerity to point out to readers that Abramoff gave money to both Republicans and Democrats. (also read this for a little chuckle. This is a cached page, for some reason the original link doesn't work.)

Well, it turns out that some of their well informed and deliberative readers didn't want to believe this and proceeded to swarm the blog with profanities and personal attacks (via Breitbart):
There were so many personal attacks that the newspaper's staff could not "keep the board clean, there was some pretty filthy stuff,"

Unfortunately this is what passes for informed discussion with some lefties these days.

In a related vein. It seems that AJ Strata was caught red-faced (red-fingered? red-keyboarded?) by believing to be true a satirical post by Jeff Goldstein. He quickly retracts his post upon realizing his mistake but the humor is in the fact that, given today's democrats, Goldstein's outrageous post is considered plausible! As commenter Mary Mapes writes on the above link:
Geez. Irony isn’t even distinguishable when it comes to left these days.

Dollars to donuts, it gets featured on Kos and Feingold ‘08 picks up MAJOR steam!

With today's left the line between satire and reality continues to get rubbed lighter and lighter.

Decision08 has a good take on this:
it is indeed unbounded, unreasoning rage that is at the very core of the Angry Left: a rage born of frustration at a world that doesn’t recognize the genious of the tortured worldview of the impotent purveyors of filthy discourse and lowest-common-denominator ‘arguments’ that amount to nothing more than the wretched gurgling of a drowning man determined to take the rest of the world down with him…

This is the face of the ‘progressive’ movement; this is the much-vaunted ‘base’ of the Democratic Party; these are the people who lifted Howard Dean out of obscurity into the role of Chairman of the Democratic Party. The party of hate will never be a winner in America, on that you can depend…


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