Friday, January 06, 2006


Sometimes America Sucks

Last night I had the second worst attack of gout in my life. Gout is the result of the bodies inability to process uric acid. It builds up in the joints, usually in the big toe or ankle for me, and it is very painful. Imagine a swollen ankle that feels like a thousand needles under your skin. If my ankle touchs anything it is terrible pain.

There are drugs to control this. One drug would almost eliminate the gout. The problem with this is that I would have to take it for the rest of my life. I opted just to try and control it using anti-inflamitories. That works great when I have the prescription but I ran out of it while I was in Russia. That wasn't a problem because they sold the same drug over the counter. In fact, I have it backed in my bags somewhere, I think. A cursory search last night yielded me nothing so I called my GP today to get a refill which leads me to another story. My regular doctor moved to Indiana so I started to see a partner of his. Apparently this doctor is too busy to pick up a phone and call the pharmacy to renew my prescription so I am sitting at home in pain comtemplating going to the pharmacy and appealing to the pharmacist's humanity.

If I don't get my drugs today I am naming names. Being in pain makes me irrational but being in pain for no reason enrages me.


Doctor, no receptionist called in the prescription, yesterday evening. Feeling much better so almost all is forgiven. Can walk with a limp today so I am off to but a few essentials for our new apartment.


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