Thursday, January 12, 2006



Chris Squire's new old band, the Syn played at Martyr's in Chicago last night and I was fortunate enough to be one of the 60 (I counted) people there. Martyr's is a small venue (270 max) so it is a great place to watch a band play if you want to get up close. The Syn was the band Squire was in before he founded Yes with Jon Anderson. Squire reunited with singer Steve Nardelli to record a new Syn album last year and they have a few live shows scheduled in the U.S.

Alan White of Yes is playing drums for the U.S. shows and this was an unexpected bonus as he filled in last minute for the original drummer. The band played a great show and it was a real treat for me to watch them play and briefly meet Squire and White afterwards.

Nardelli did not play professionally after the Syn parted ways in the late 60's so he was not used to the live setting. His voice was fine as he had been singing and writing all the while but there was a humorous moment last night during the show. Nardelli started singing too early during one of the songs as the band was playing. Squire leaned over towards him and shouted, 'Not yet!'. Nardelli realized his mistake but was unable to cover it up smoothly and acknowledged the timing error after the song was over.


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