Wednesday, February 01, 2006


A European Counter Offensive

A cause liberals can support?

Dr. Sanity contrasts the attitude of a French newspaper that reproduced the 12 Danish cartoons which have offended certain Muslims with that of Bill Clinton. He concludes:
If Bill Clinton is representative of the Democratic Party and the liberal left, then I think it is clear who symbolizes the greatest threat to our most precious civil liberties. They would willingly give away these precious freedoms to appease and further enable the bullies and butchers of Islam.

Michelle Malkin is absolutely correct. We must fight the bullies of Islam. Say NO to them and YES to freedom and free speech.

Michelle has the 12 'offensive' images here. And Zombie has a collection of images of Mohammed throughout history. Enjoy.

Oh! And, Vive La France!
Via Littlegreenfootballs, here's an excellent cartoon on the matter.

links to a Guardian report that 2 leading German newspapers have also reproduced the 12 offensive cartoons. Wretchard calls this the "first effective counterstroke in the cultural confrontation between the West and Radical Islam" and concludes:
Europe discovered how to recognize shame all over again, but it was not the shame which the fatwa issuers had envisioned. Now the choices before the global Jihad are as follows: up the ante and humble Europe in its entirety or back down and eat crow. If they push forward the likeness of Mohammed will probably be plastered on thousands of newspaper and Internet websites before the week is up. It's a no-win situation for the Islamists which no one -- not the Danish cartoonists, nor Ramussen, nor Muslim clerics, nor even the startled Europeans themselves -- could have predicted.
Perhaps Europe can rally America's liberals to the cause. Then maybe they'll contribute something positive to the war effort for a change.

Bill C adds:

Having looked at the offending material I have come to the conclusion that European cartoonists suck. Our new cat can draw better than that.


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