Thursday, February 09, 2006


Imparting Selective Respect For The Law

Lessons in political expedience and evading responsibility

WorldNetDaily reports:
The largest school district in Texas hopes to get the law changed so it can hire illegal aliens as bilingual teachers.

Superintendent Michael Hinojosa of the Dallas Independent School District says he hopes to work with other urban school systems to pursue changes that would allow hiring illegals to help fill a significant need for teachers who speak Spanish.

According to an Associated Press report, Hinojosa told board members in a policy meeting yesterday: "We are going to follow the law, but if there is the possibility to modify the law, we should."
What kind of lesson is this to teach to children? Why can't the DISD advocate the importation of legal bilingual teachers, rather than rewarding aliens who disrespect our laws? That this logic escapes those responsible for educating American children simply amazes me. Perhaps someone should remind Mr. Hinojosa and the DISD that if laws in this country were properly enforced, the school district wouldn't have such a dire need for bilingual teachers at all.


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