Wednesday, February 15, 2006


More Leftist UN Propaganda

Recycling disinformation on behalf of America's enemies

A leaked a report from the UN Human Rights Commission, a body which includes China, Cuba, Saudia Arabia, Sudan and Zimbabwe, proves yet again the UN is worse than useless:
A United Nations investigation has declared that the US committed acts amounting to torture at Guantanamo Bay and has called for it to close its holding pen for suspected terrorists.

The draft report from the UN Commission on Human Rights, widely leaked yesterday, does not, on the face of it, give the US much trouble. The Bush Administration yesterday poured scorn on the quality of the evidence and flatly disagreed with the legal opinion. But the report adds to the pressure on the US over its detention outpost on the shores of Cuba. Three years after the invasion of Iraq, with the military presence dropping, Guantanamo is the flank on which the US is most vulnerable.

The Commission’s experts conclude that:

# Detainees have been treated poorly, subjected to prolonged solitary confinement and sensory deprivation.

# Doctors have force-fed hunger-strikers in violation of UN Principles of Medical Ethics and World Medical Association standards.

# The system of justice is unfair, both in the tribunals used to try the minority of detainees who have been charged and in the access to lawyers.

"The legal regime applied to these detainees seriously undermines the rule of law and a number of fundamental universally recognised human rights, which are the essence of democratic societies," the report said.
Considering this New York Sun report, a more accurate description of the above list would read 'The Commission’s Leftists purport that:'
Authors of a report commissioned by the U.N. claiming that detainees in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, are being tortured by American military personnel failed to visit the prison, despite an invitation from the American authorities.

"Any report that they may be writing would certainly suffer from the opportunity that was offered to them to go down there and witness firsthand the operations at Guantanamo," a Department of Defense spokesman, Bryan Whitman, told reporters at the Pentagon yesterday.

The U.N. representatives declined the invitation to visit Guantanamo because they were told that they would not be able to interview detainees during the visit, Mr. Whitman said. The 500 suspected terrorists, who are being kept without trial after being captured in Afghanistan and elsewhere, are regularly interviewed by representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross, which does not report on the treatment of prisoners.

Members of investigation, who will deliver their report later this year to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, have spent 18 months investigating conditions at Guantanamo and have relied for information about the condition of prisoners upon anecdotes provided by released detainees and family members and lawyers of those who are or have been detained from France, Spain, and Britain. Information has also been gleaned from the Department of State.
Via Captain Ed, who comments:
Yes, I can see where the confusion at Defense lies: they did not realize that the panel came from the highly regarded Psychic Friends Network, sent out by telepathic orders and able to visualize conditions anywhere from as far away as a five-star hotel in Miami. (Room service acts as a force multiplier in these conditions.)
These rehashed, unsubstantiated allegations amount to pure Leftist propaganda meant to undermine the US war effort by pressuring us into closing Gitmo. This would be of enourmous potential benefit to terrorists, which is why America's enemies desperately want this. Deroy Murdock has documented a dozen instances of suspected or convicted Muslim terrorists (138 or more of them) escaping from prisons in Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, Russia, and Yemen. He comments:
U.S. officials could prevent more such chaos by canceling plans to shrink Guantanamo's current terrorist population 68 percent — from 510 to 164 — by repatriating 110 Afghans, 129 Saudis, and 107 Yemenis, as Josh White and Robin Wright revealed in the August 5, 2005, Washington Post. In fact, the Pentagon plans to ship these Afghan Guantanamites to Policharki Prison — the very same facility from which seven Taliban operatives escaped last January 22!

"We, the U.S., don't want to be the world's jailer," Matthew Waxman, a Pentagon detainee-affairs official, told the Post. "We think a more prudent course is to shift that burden onto our coalition partners."


The stakes are too high — and too many people could be killed — to risk more overseas terrorist escapes, just to save a few million dollars in Koranically correct meals and laundered uniforms. There is ample room in the $2.77 trillion 2007 federal budget to offset the expense of indefinitely detaining as many bloodthirsty terrorists as can be shoehorned into Guantanamo.

More than Sing Sing, Leavenworth, or even a re-opened Alcatraz, Guantanamo is a dream location for harboring terrorists. Detainees are guarded by well-armed, patriotic American GIs unencumbered by bottomless anti-Americanism. Any combatant who tried to walk out would face hundreds of unsympathetic sailors with machine guns at the ready. If he eluded them, he would have to evade snipers in watchtowers, leap twin rows of barbed-wire fences, then tiptoe through the landmines installed by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. If he reached the beach, Haiti is only 110 miles southeast. Happy swimming, Hafez!

Of course, craftier enemy combatants could avoid these hazards by tunneling out. If they actually burrowed into the Caribbean, they are more than welcome to terrorize the sharks. As the CSP's Robert McLean says, "If there is a more secure location to detain these terrorists than Guantanamo, I would like to know."

Naturally, turning Guantanamo into a Yucca Mountain for terrorists will make Leftists wail. Let them. It's hard to believe, but the shrieks of liberals are easier on the ears than the blasts of bombs.
The US should stop funding, and participating in, forums which produce and disseminate anti-American propaganda. Instead of closing Gitmo, the US should close down the UN Human Rights Commission. Or better still, as it has once again demonstrated that it functions as enemy of the US, close down the UN itself.


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