Thursday, February 16, 2006


Outrageous Media Hypocrisy

Why the Abu Ghraib photos, but not the Mohammed Cartoons?

Michelle Malkin notes that this is a question many people are asking. I saw that the 'new' Abu Ghraib photos were published by the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune and broadcast on PBS's Newshour last night. As far as I know, none had shown the Mohammed cartoons.

The Mohammed Cartoons are newsworthy in that they help people make sense of the ongoing demonstrations and riots by Muslims world-wide. Responsible news organization have an obligation to publish them. The 'new' Abu Ghraib photos aren'’t newsworthy because they don't provide any new details to an old story. Its not exactally irresponsible to publish them, but there isn'’t any real reason to publish them either. A solid argument can be made that they not be published at all for reasons of national security.

Both the cartoons and the photos are inflamatory and offensive in their own way. Consistency requires media outlets that publish the photos to publish the cartoons, though not the other way around. Those media outlets that publish the photos and refuse to publish the cartoons owe the public an explanation.


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