Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Pink thinks women who are not men are stupid


So Paris Hilton is a twit, to put it kindly, we agree on that but she starts the video mocking a SAHM: Stay-at-home-mother. That is where she lost me. Then the young girl who Pink is trying to influence picks up a football, ignoring the dolls, and happily runs off screen to whip all the neighborhood boys in a pick-up game-at least in Pink's mind. File this song under Grrrls vs. party girls. Or I wish I was part of that group but since I am not I will make fun of them.

Lyrics, pure poetry.

Outcasts and girls with ambition
That's what I wanna see
Let's ignore the fact that everyone cannot be an outcast. Another link to the video. First link is not the full video but you won't get MTV putting cookies on your computer.

Anyone who takes the name Pink and whose first and only hit is about getting the party started when she shows up shouldn't be mocking anybody.


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