Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Playstation 3 Delayed?

Or Microsoft dirty tricks?

Sony released a statement claiming their long stated release date for the PS3, spring 2006, is still "on track." Doesn't spring officially end on or around the 22 of June? PS3Week.com doesn't think that Spring is possible, at least for the U.S. PS3Week does quote the Kikizo article that claimed to have looked at devkit versions of three games for the PS3 which many think was bogus. However, I am inclined to agree with this analysis given that Sony has kept very quiet which means I get to save more money when I finally buy a HDTV.

Of course, this talk of delays and huge prices might be a Microsoft dirty trick. Naaaa. They wouldn't ask a Merrill analyst to badmouth Sony and I am quite sure that those Merrill analysts are of such a hearty moral stock that they would not even consider using their position to talk a stock up or down. Well that settles that.


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