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T-Mobile and International Dialing: A Wide Ranging Scam

I am not the first person who has had problems with T-Mobile about international dialing

While researching my problem with T-Mobile I discovered I was not the first person to have this problem and others have been presented with much higher bills.

This morning I receive a phone call on my cell from a T-mobile rep. They told me that my bill was past due for $5768 dollars!!! I ALMOST FAINTED!!! I asked the rep. what's going on. They told me that someone had been using one of my SIM to call some where in EGYPT started from MAY 12 until now which is around a month!! When I opened an account with T-mobile I opened 4 phone line so that I can get an expensive free phone from the phone store. I regularly use 3 of the 4 numbers that was provided to me. I never used the other number to call anywhere EVER! This morning I just realized from the rep. that the SIM Card that I never used was lost/stolen and used to call EGYPT for the total of $5768 dollars!!! I never know anybody from EGYPT !! I am chinese and would never ever call anyone in that continent!! and who in the right mind would use their cell phone to call international for that amount!

At this moment I was terrified! I ask the rep. what can I do? Please help me! I never made those calls!! They cold heartedly told me that I have to pay the whole amount ASAP! and they make it sound like I am a liar because I didn't report the SIM CARD lost. I just know about it as of when the representative called me in the morning!! They gave me an address and fax number to inform my situation to customer relations department in new mexico. I also ask the rep. if my primary phone number will still be active, they said yes. So I frantically typed up a letter explaining my situation and provide them with my cell phone number to call me back. Then an hour later I tried using my cell phone to call some lawyer to ask for advice and noticed that my phone was deactivated!! I can't use my cell phone now either!! I then had to type another letter informing them my home phone number. I can't stay at home all day because I have a job! They would not give me any phone number to call the customer relation department either!!

I called again to t-mobile customer service to plea to them for any kind of help. I ask for them to sent out my latest statement and they said you have to wait for the cycle or somthing like that and told me again that I am responsible to pay the whole amount!!. Then I tried to look at that phone number's calling details online so that I can print out and go to the police station, I couldn't because I have to register the number and type in the password to be able to see the bill which obviously I couldn't do that.

I am so desperate, t-mobile would not help me do anything at all, they told me since I didn't call to cancle or report the lost SIM CARD, I am responsible for the whole bill. There is no way I can afford to pay this ridiculous amount of money! especially since I didn't make the calls!!! I am already on a tight budget with my college bills. I am attending USC rightnow and it cost me a fortune already since I didn't use any financial aid. I would like to know if anybody can recommend me to do anything any suggestion! PLEASE HELP ME! I really want to commit suicide because of this matter.


Except for the amount of money and the fact that my sim card was not stolen this is exactly what happened to me. I am reminded of the scene in Goodfellas. You don't have the money! F*** you (slap) pay us! The problem is that T-Mobile is allowed to extend you credit without limit and that most people don't realize that the cell phone companies have no obligation to monitor fraudulent or abnormal activity on a phone. My credit card companies have frozen my cards if there is a charge, even a small one, in an unusual location. Then I call them and the account is unfrozen. I am grateful for this but also I know that I have 60 days to report my card stolen and they are responsible for charges made on that card. T-Mobile, Verizon, Cingular, etc. have no such responsibility so they are not concerned when a customer runs up thousands of doallers making overseas calls.

Another person on the mobiledia forum had a similar problem as boorapper. Mrdillo111 wrote:

My story is similar without getting into the details my phone bill is $4763. My FIGHT with TMobile is I was unaware that international dialing is allowed on all TMobile phones. I would have turned it off in a split second.
Did you know you had international dialing on your phone?
Did you dial overseas with your phone?
Did you have any intention of using that expensive feature?
Would you have barred it (turned it off) if you knew it was on?

I have fought them with all I got and they do not want to move or work with my on what I owe them.

I have sent an entire package to the FCC and if you want I can send you the same stuff and you should contact the FCC too in fact you should ASAP contact the same FCC rep I have to show this pattern of abuse TMobile is doing.

My strong feeling is they allow all customers access to their expensive international dialing purely for profit. Our 2 accounts equal to over $10,000 on a service neither one of us asked for or knew we had.
Go to your welcome guide section 1 page 11. It clearly states under international dialing that if you want to call over 220 countries you need to add Worldclass service. This is the main subject of my fight.
They tell me one thing (that international dialing is on every phone) but their welcome guide and their web site tells a different story.

Contact me at and I will forward my 7 page complaint to the FCC.

My account may go to collections and if it does I will take TMobile to civil court for failure to accurately and properly disclose their calling policies. If my account goes to collection my credit score, which is well over 700, will be plummeted to low numbers screwing me and my family. They will not get away with this. I can help and if both of us complain to the FCC and more of us get on board we may be able to make a difference. Thanks

Mrdillo111 fought his bill and, I discovered after I emailed him, he had this reduced by more than 90%.

I have filed a complaint to the FCC about TMobile based on their policy on international dialing. My case is being reviewed but would like the help of everyone if you can. I have a $4733 phone bill based on this topic.

1. Did you know all TMobile phones (except for Smartaccess) has international dialing from the US to over 220 countries?

2. Did you know in their welcome guide section 1 page 11 it states to this day that
With Worldclass service you can * Make calls from the US to over 220 countries? But you need to add the Worlclass service.

3. Would you consider this a feature (calling overseas) a service you have to add to use?

4. Would you remove the international dialing feature if you had it?

5. Did you know up to May 11th 2005 their web site under the heading
I’m staying at home but my calls go everywhere. (Calling overseas)

It used to say this:

To call over 200 other countries, you just need to add Worldclass service to your phone. Adding the service is free.

By May 28 2005 it changed to this
Every T-Mobile phone can make calls to over 220 countries and locations. So if your business dealings are multinational, T-Mobile has you covered.

Now to finally confuse everyone in their flyer
T-Mobiles We’re Serious About Coverage

Whether you’re traveling abroad or calling abroad, T-Mobile’s Worldclass international service ensures you’re never out of reach.

With Worldclass roaming, you can call to or from almost any corner of the globe.

6. Did you know in the contract you sign and the terms and conditions pages, Worldclass is not mentioned 1 time?

7. Did you know that to stop international dialing you must request it barred or removed otherwise everyone over Smartaccess credit class, has this expensive feature?

8. What changes to their contract or policy would you recommend to make this clear to all signing on?

I need everyones help to show TMobile their policy is vague, confusing and has the potential for massive fraud and abuse. Thanks

I is good to hear that the little guy can stand up to a big corporation. It would be better if the corporation would not let huge bills run up in the first place. Being trained in the dismal science I can understand why they might act this way. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense to alienate customers but the truth is if they can collect a few thousand from a customer at one time eventhough that customer ends up hating that company then they might end up ahead. The key is how difficult it is to dispute these charges and how often the customers wins if he does dispute them. That is a quantifiable risk. T-Mobile has decided they rather lose me as a customer paying $60.00 per month if they can get me to pay $728.16. I would have to know more about T-Mobiles cost structure to know if this was a smart risk.

Finally, on the forum there were several people badgering Boorapper and Mrdillo111 including a moderator named Samsung. Turns out Samsung is a T-Mobile employee.

Yes I am on payroll, I work for the company and my personally feelings towards you are that you're a goof. I have read your website and think its a joke. I dont have to answer your questions as they will be answered in court. I hope that you lose your lawsuit and that T-Mobile makes you pay for their lawyer fees. You sound like an irresponsible person who cannot/will not pay for your VALID charges, however I will tell you the same thing that I tell escalated callers who threaten not to pay.... thats your perogative and thats what collection agencies are for.

OH and just a FYI MR. Dillo, I have let your rants and raves go on for TOO long and im sure most of the T-Mobile Talk members would agree, so I will enforce one of our forum rules (woohoo):

18. This forum is not a venue for personal or private vendettas. Keep your personal business as just that - personal. This forum is not a venue for the resolution of personal disputes with members or companies.

Therefore this and all your threads have been locked. Take your issue elsewhere please. Adios!

T-Mobile must look for deceit and rudeness when they hire for their customer service department.


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