Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A Country in Distress?

Photo from Michelle Malkin.

From Bill O'Reilly:

The intriguing question is will the USA become like France? The far left here loves the entitlement culture, loves what France has become. When you hear far-left Americans use the terms "economic justice" or "income inequality," you should know these are code words for socialism, a giant government that would guarantee each American a house, health care, nice wage, retirement benefits, the usual entitlement list. Europe has embraced that system. The USA has not. And that angers radical-left Americans.

The French demonstrations have sent a signal to the world that a once free marketplace country has gone over to the entitlement side they want no uncertainty. They want security. Of course, somebody has to pay for that security, and France can't. The government will soon run out of money as the population ages. The French system will collapse, just wait and see. That should be a lesson for us all.

I cannot recall the link to give proper credit but I read an opinion that I agreed with about the desire to promote mass immigration/legalization in order to outpace the assimilation that comes with immigrants making their way in the U.S. The benefit of such a situation would be to increase the vote for politicians who favor socialism. A scary thought.


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