Thursday, March 09, 2006


Deprogramming Jihadis

Noting its success in other countries, Australia is considering employing a technique of 'deprogramming' jihadis:
Commissioner Keelty [of the Australian Federal Police] says the process of "deprogramming" extremists has been successful in countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan and the UK. He says the technique involves using respected clerics or people previously connected with terrorist organisations to convert extremists and provide information to police.

"In some places they will use a cleric who has a good reputation with the community and who will be respected and listened to by the people in custody and in this case they've used somebody who was actually part of the Mantiki arrangement, so, it's somebody they would have otherwise looked up to as a natural leader, in terms of a terrorist, and they've turned him around and used him to convert the others," he said.

"And not only convert the others, but also to provide a significant amount of information to the Indonesian national police."

Indonesia's anti-terrorist squad Detachment 88 now has former Jemaah Islamiah (JI) commander Nasir bin Abbas working for them, re-educating arrested JI recruits.
If the US isn't already doing this, its something we should seriously consider.

Via Wretchard, who provides a facinating history lesson on the matter.


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