Monday, March 27, 2006


Rest Now, Trek Later

Some advice for Star Trek fans

I've never been a fan of Star Trek and don't know that I've ever watched a complete episode but I had no problems with the show and I am certainly not posting to criticize it. Having had roommates who did watch it, I have seen several partial episodes and found it much better than the usual TV show. According to this report there is currently no future planned for Star Trek in either movies or television and that has left some fans wondering what to do.

Rather than demand something and get crap now the fans should give the show a rest and see what comes of it in time. As a fan of Doctor Who in the 80's I watched the show rerun on PBS (the BBC produces the show and would sell the rights after it aired in the UK) and saw the quality deteriorate over a few seasons to the point that I was glad to hear the BBC cancel the show in 1989. Fox negotiated with the BBC to produce a made for TV movie in 1996 and the result was not good. I did not enjoy watching it and was happy to see that Fox had no interest in carrying on the story.

But in 2005 the BBC brought back Doctor Who and the Sci-Fi Channel began airing the episodes in the U.S. on Friday, March 17th. The show is much better than it's late 80's version and in quality approcahes it's peak era of the 1970's. Though not perfect the current Dr. Who combines the best (and only a small part of the worst) that the show had to offer as it ran from 1963-1989 and has shown some respect for the continuity that fans (especially sci-fi) appreciate . I've only seen 3 of the 13 episodes produced in 2005 but it was worth the wait and I think Star Trek fans would be better off waiting for a quality product rather than offering support (as consumers) for just anything.

Bill C: No rest for the geeky.

Q. What is our goal overall?
Our ultimate goal is to produce a full year's worth (22 or more) web episodes per year maintaining Gene Roddenberry's philosophy and vision for the original 1960’s television show. We believe in challenging people’s thoughts and enticing them to action. We feel that Star Trek is a great vehicle for exploring the human condition. We plan to devote the series to commenting on the current condition of life on Earth in the 21st century.

May I add, 'and to get chicks'? No? Ok.

Diego: According to their web site they are not making money off of their project. Are they affiliataed with the Star Trek series in any legal way or have they just taken upon themselves to produce their shows? I have thought about this sort of adventure since I was in high school. If you can avoid the demands of those with motives other than making a good product, you are free to pursue something good on your own.

With technological advances the ability to produce quality video and music is being bestowed upon the average person. This is a good thing. Glenn Reynolds has a TCS post on the subject here:

I've been writing about this for a while, but it just keeps happening: Ordinary people doing things that used to be beyond the reach of ordinary people, thanks to technology.


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