Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Tuesday's Elections, Gidwitz for GOP

Chicago Tribune endorses Ron Gidwitz for the GOP candidate for Governor of Illinois.

Above all, come that general election, Republicans will need a candidate whom voters of all persuasions will trust to drain the moat of cronyism and self-dealing that isolates the domed Statehouse from 12 million Illinois citizens.Ron Gidwitz is the Republican best equipped to earn that trust, and to empty that dark, fetid moat.

The Tribune endorses Gidwitz in the Republican primary for governor and his running mate, state Sen. Steve Rauschenberger, for lieutenant governor.This primary is about plans and positions, but it's also about nominating a candidate who will break eggs and make omelets.

That's Gidwitz. As CEO of Helene Curtis, he built a cosmetics business into an empire. As chairman of the State Board of Education, he ordered bureaucrats to visit Illinois classrooms to see how state policies affected schoolchildren. As chairman of the City Colleges of Chicago, he demanded that students' curriculum meet the needs of the modern workplace. His mantra to board members (after he scuttled their pricey limo service): Look, folks, this is the last degree many of our students will ever earn. We need to make sure they're employable.

Gidwitz's detractors say he's abrasive. Yes, he's all-business. He doesn't suffer fools.

Given the need to free Illinois from the culture of political sleaze, the Republicans need a can-do candidate with the fearlessness to be a will-do governor. That's Gidwitz.

(Emphasis mine) I worked for Ron in the past. He is both feared and respected by those who work for him and those qualities are needed in Illinois right now.


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