Thursday, April 27, 2006


Allah is back, again. A primer on the leaker..

with Michelle Malkin at

Allah blogs, Michelle vents, and we are entertained. Allah's CIA leaker primer. A good look at a fast moving story.

(Via HotAir)

Aside from her Democratic Party ties (she apparently wrote a check for $2000 to the Kerry campaign in 2004), I also detect the whiff of sour grapes in her motivation for leaking information to the Post. At the time she talked with reporter Dana Priest, Ms. McCarthy was apparently working in the CIA Inspector General's Office. The agency, citing the Privacy Act, hasn't divulged her pay grade or title at the time of her firing, but it seems certain that she was not at the NIO level. After the rarefied air of the Clinton White House, McCarthy had been banished to a relative backwater at Langley, and she was likely upset by the apparent demotion.


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