Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Doctor who? Yes. Demento, that's who.

Beware the moonbat without sonar.

A recent post described my enthusiasm for the return of Doctor Who to the U.S. as the show is currently airing on the Sci-Fi Channel on Friday evenings. The show's main character never gives us his name, he is just called the Doctor. When asked, "Doctor who?" he usually replies simply, "yes". Thus the show's title. But for the recently shown episode he might as well have replied, "Doctor Demento."

The BBC produces Doctor Who and the 2005 season is the one currently showing on Sci-Fi. I watched the first 3 episodes prior to my previous posting on the show and then was hit with a two part episode that disappointed me and almost turned me away completely. The show has a long history, airing from 1963-1989 and then again in 2005 and 2006. In the past there have been several writers who have been responsible for the ups and downs of the show's quality and popularity. The 2005 season was written and produced by Russel T. Davies, perhaps a moonbat. I don't know but the last episode was far out there.

The first part was enjoyable. An invasion of earth is cliche but this had some interesting plot details. Aliens faked an alien space ship crash landing into the Themes River to trick the humans into responding while the aliens were ready with their plans. Having taken control of obscure cabinet members (obese ones whose bodies they could manipulate) they found themselves first in the chain of command when the Prime Minsiter and other superiors were killed off.

Okay, so now what. Well then comes part two, just like your favorite musician going off on a wild rant to ruin the mood when your are getting ready for the encore, Davies' story smacks you in the face like a moonbat without sonar.

The alien plan is to start WWIII and have the entire planet nuked so they can sell off the remaining radioactive rock as fuel to other aliens. So the alien controlled P.M. begs the U.N. to release to him the codes (the holier than thou U.N. controlls U.K. WMD!) for their nuclear arsenal so they can attack the fake aliens because, you see, they have "Massive Weapons of Destruction", the PM has seen them and they are real and they are a threat to the whole planet. When in fact it is all a ruse. Will the U.N. fall for it? Of course, "they did before" says Rose.

I can deal with the liberal jokes here and there but this took over the whole two hour episode and ruined it. What a shame. I like this show and will continue to watch but only so long as the plots are more realistic.


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