Wednesday, April 26, 2006


No ‘Fred Hampton Way’

The fight to rename a Chicago street after the late Black Panther leader Fred Hampton is over:
Ald. Madeline Haithcock (2nd) announced today she doesn't have the support to bring to a vote a controversial proposal to honor slain Black Panther leader Fred Hampton.

In a written statement distributed at the monthly City Council meeting this morning, Haithcock said that 'certain interest groups have successfully conspired to confuse and intimidate the public on the issue.'

'As a result, we do not have the necessary support to bring this matter to a vote in the City Council at this time,' Haithcock said. 'As of today, I will discontinue my efforts to pass the ordinance.'
This is what she should have said:
The Fraternal Order of Police and many other civic groups outraged by my proposal successfully reminded those old enough to remember, and raised awareness among those who aren't, about the true nature of Fred Hampton. When faced with the choice of angering either the vast majority of their constituents or the radical leftists who form the ideological foundation of the their party, my fellow alderman, being the cowards that they are, agreed to simply dodge the issue. Having been taught what's what on this issue, I give up.


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