Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Tawana Brawley Redux

From the American Thinker:

Not mentioned in most of the articles, protests, teach-ins and “dialogue” about the incident was the possibility that it could be a Tawana Brawley-type hoax. Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong was “very confident” that the rape occurred but has yet to file any charges. Nifong, who is facing the voters in 21 days for election to his office, and who is contemplating a run for mayor in the heavily black city of Durham, had said he will pursue the case even if the DNA results come back negative. Yesterday, in a community forum at historically black North Carolina Central University, the school attended by the accuser, he said: “My presence here means this case is not going away.” {Emph. added]

The "facts" of the Duke rape case is that the alleged perpetrators are white males and the victim is a black female. That is all you need to know because women never lie about something like rape.

This case is straight out of the liberal victim playbook. It reads like Bonfire of the Vanities with a sexual component.

Our stripper is a student at a North Carolina Central University. Colleges are famous for mandatory hyper-feminist coursework featuring lawyers and feminist activists that teach women how to use sex to take advantage of men and any institution that involves men.

NCCU has a chapter of the National Organization for Women on campus. One of its major “missions” is fostering the agitprop on which the Violence Against Women (VAWA) is based – to keep $4-billion in sexist VAWA federal funding flowing. As most of us know, this is just another wedge designed to distract from the fact that women initiate slightly over half of all serious spousal altercations.

NCCU is an extension of Duke, which has an extensive women’s studies department tentacled deeply into core curricula via its funded interdisciplinary studies program. Duke has a fully-integrated SASS chapter (that screams out all sorts of social statistics debunked long ago) and a Center for LGBT Life (complete with their own “lavender graduation ceremonies”).

The mission statement of Duke’s women’s studies program is an end-stage fascist manifesto expressing full intent to turn all core curricula into subdivisions of feminist dicta: “In the field’s first decades, feminist scholarship reoriented traditional disciplines toward the study of women and gender and developed new methodologies and critical vocabularies that have made interdisciplinarity a key feature of Women’s Studies as an autonomous field. Today, scholars continue to explore the meaning and impact of identity as a primary - though by no means transhistorical or universal - way of organizing social life by pursuing an intersectional analysis of gender, race, sexuality, class, and nationality. In the classroom, as in our research, our goal is to transform the university’s organization of knowledge by reaching across the epistemological and methodological divisions of historical, political, economic, representational, technological and scientific analysis. In our Program’s dual emphasis on interdisciplinarity and intersectionality, we offer students new knowledge about identity while equipping them with a wide range of analytical and methodological skill.”

Will the Duke Lacrosse players see any justice? Don't hold your breath. They have probably been taught to take it like a man.


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