Wednesday, April 05, 2006


U.N. Proposes $1.9 Billion Renovation

This is not from the Onion, it is from Roger Simon who adds:
This blog long ago called for total online transparency for the international organization. As citizens of the world - the taxpayers who support it - we should demand no less.

John O adds: This renovation has been in the works for some time. Donald Trump has said he could do the job for $500 million or less.

I also must quibble with Simon's characterization of us as 'citizens of the world.' We aren't. We're all members of the human race, of course but the UN isn't a country and it isn't representative of the world community. We Americans are citizens of the United States. We shouldn't be giving the UN a penny.

I disagree with Simon that the UN should operate with complete transparency. Too many of its supporters are the type of people who completely ingore facts, so aside from some personal embarassment on the part of UN officials, what would it really matter? As I see things, the UN is an enemy of the US and shouldn't exist at all.


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