Friday, May 26, 2006


The end of the poker dealer

I was reading an article in Card Player magazine by Bob Ciaffone discussing automated poker tables. (Unfortunately the article is not up on their website as of posting. I am sure it will be soon.) The idea is to bring the best features of online play to the poker room.

1) Mistake free dealing

2) Speedy Dealing

3) Free Dealing.

I like the idea. I want to play poker but my wife likes to watch me gamble and that is difficult at your average poker table. Most poker tables are crowded, people don't like it when you get too close to their chips. An automated table without chips would make it easier for her to sit with me.

John O adds: Bill, Inna could watch if you played online. You should at least try this while you can. The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, which requires ISPs to remove gambling-related hyperlinks upon notice from law enforcement agencies and forces bankers to monitor their customers’ purchases and transactions for gambling activity, has been quietly voted out of a House subcommittee. The full Judiciary committee will be voting on it soon. The Senate has already passed its own version. Should it become law in anything like its present form, it will in all likelihood effectively kill online poker.

I very much like the idea. Most poker players I know prefer playing at a physical table and interacting with other people to playing online at home. I like to do both though I much prefer playing online. Its convienent, cost effective and the pace of the game is much quicker. I can also play at multiple tables simultaneously.

Though tells would become more difficult to spot, an automated table would allow casinos to make their rake comperable to that taken in online poker rooms, which is generally about half the current average casino rake. And tipping the dealer would become unnecessary, further recucing players' expenses. Also, considering that a good Hold'em dealer can deal 40 hands per hour whereas online a full table of 10 often averages 60+ hands per hour, I would find the pace of the action more agreeable.


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