Wednesday, May 31, 2006


For Bookworm: Chicago Reader profile of Jeremy Hammond

Jeremy Hammond's motivation.

I had trouble finding this for some reason. The Chicago Readers' article on Mr. Hammond. (Via Anti-Strib.) It is a PDF file so no quotes but you can see that Hammond was active in leftist politics. For balance they throw in a rightwing hacker which has nothing to do with the story except to give it an air of all is fair in politics. Michelle Malkin is described as having "...defended wartime internment in a 2004 book." Obviously making her evil in the eyes of the typical leftist Chicago Reader reader.

I stopped picking up the Reader not too long ago for a couple of reasons. Foremost I can go online and read leftist BS, I don't need a local paper which gives me the same stuff with a local flavor. And it has gotten worse. You can feel the anger from columnist Michael Miner, who writes on press issues, when he took it upon himself to chastise the Tribune for not bothering to make the point that the recent anti-reform protesters were hurting themselves. Miner used to enjoyable reading. (He was really enraged about Plamegate.) Even Cecil Adams' The Straight Dope drew fire when he questioned the efficacy of Kyoto.

The other reason is Craig's List. I can read classified ads without a smarmy anti-war cartoon or Dan Savage's scatological references to Republicans.

This weekly papers rage is just more evidence that the leftists are seething. G_d help them use that energy to take over the Democratic party.


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