Friday, May 19, 2006


Illegal Immigration Taking Toll On Environment

A stream along the U.S. border runs a golden yellow.

As the flow of people to the area increases with the flood of migrants crossing the border so does the number of people relieving themselves into the stream. Said one local resident, "The stench from this stream was always bad but it's gotten much worse recently, heck, it's worse than Chicago's Uptown el stop!" (the Wilson el stop in Chicago is known to frequently receive a fresh coat of urine from some of the local residents there).

Environmentalists are concerned over the changes in the stream but noted that the bright yellow color is "very pretty to look at and kind of soothing in a way".

No one has yet dared to follow the stream to it's source as many of the local residents don't beleive it is the work of migrants but rather the mythical figure 'the Whizzer of Ahhhs" who's existence has never actually been confirmed.


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