Wednesday, May 10, 2006


There is one Colbert...

..and Stewart is his Prophet.

Or his She-Ra. The loony left has built many shiny statues to Steven Colbert since the WH correspondents dinner. Why?

Because people are still talking about it! Think of the last time a comedian made such a splash in the media - I really can't recall. Bad comedy goes away after the initial "It sucked. {Raspberry}" Colbert's performance just keeps being bandied about. This morning, just skimming, I found seven separate articles about it posted this morning. Not blog articles, but, you know, "legit" news sources.

That's right, because Steven Colbert went on stage in front of the leader of the free world and mocked him. Of course he wouldn't be the leader of the free world if we weren't free to mock him, now would he? I saw the whole speech and Colbert had a couple of good chuckles. He seemed nervous and off his game. Probably because he wasn't on his home court. And that is why he flubbed the ball. Ok, enough of that. It doesn't matter if you are an unfunny comedian. It doesn't matter if you are a former CIA analyst with a very loose grasp of the facts. Just as long as you speak truth to power are an ignorant jerk to someone in the Bush administration. Everyday Democrats are learning why rage is a losing strategy. Just continue eating your own while we win elections.

Colbert was not funny but G_d help you if you speak truth to liberals.

Update: Ace sets me straight. Colbert = comedy genius/Messiah.


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