Monday, May 01, 2006


A View From Above

I regret not bringing my camera to work today so I could take some pictures of the illegal alien march here in Chicago. I can get a good view from my office window overlooking Jackson Blvd. from 40 floors up. At about 12:30pm I looked out and counted all the flags I could see. I think this would be about a two block long random sample. There were 9 U.S. flags and 11 foreign flags. Not a good ratio if you like the U.S. I could not read any of the signs.

Matto's View:

I strolled out to Blommer's Chocolates to buy my bride a b-day present and noticed the ruckus a few blocks away. So I went down to Randolph and Desplaines (location of the Haymarket Riot 120 yrs ago) to watch the march.
It was a peaceful display with participants of all ages. The vast majority of flags I saw were American flags, carried properly. Mexican flags made up about 10%, with a smattering of other random flags (including mysterious all-red flags, must be socialist or something) turning up occassionally.

All in all I was impressed by what I saw. I support anyone who is willing to work hard and chase the American dream, but we are a nation of laws.

I walked away with one question in my mind: seeing how much this crowd loves America and is willing to work hard and support their families why can't we deport the liberals and nationalize the immigrants in their place?

Diego Update: There was a gap in the marching line at 1:30pm, I only counted 8 flags, 4 U.S. and 4 foreign. At 2:15pm I counted 20 foreign flags and 32 U.S. flags.

I am in favor of legal immigration. I'm afraid the reason that we can't deport the liberals and nationalize the immigrants in their place is because those organizing these rallies are trying to nationalize the liberals and indoctrinate the immigrants.


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