Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Abdel Jassim: I Hate CNN

A healthy hate of the enemy

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma recounts his recent meeting with Iraq's Defense Minister:
HH: Let's talk a little bit about the new defense minister, Jassim, Senator Inhofe. How's he strike you? Is he middle aged? Is he experienced in military matters?

JI: Yeah, he's very experienced. He's a general. He is a career military guy, and he's tough as he can be. And he came out with all kinds of wild things. I probably shouldn't tell you this...

HH: Oh, go ahead.

JI: But...and this is so funny when it happened. I was talking to him through an interpretor, and I didn't know whether he could speak English. And I finally got to the point where I said look, our big problem is the media, the media back in the United States, because they're lying to the people of America. All of a sudden, in clear English, he said I hate CNN.
Oh, he said all they do is talk about negative things, things that are bad, and we have nothing but successes over here. And then he start enumerating the successes, which I can verify, because I'm there all the time. The number, out of 112 battalions, they have 62 of them. That's over half of them that are either level 2 or level 1. That means they can conduct their own combat. He made the statement, and this is one of the things that he says that CNN and some of the media keeps saying, they keep saying that America is leading them, and we're in the rear. And he said that's not true at all. We are leading, and America is offering support.
I wonder what Iraq's other cabinet ministers think about CNN in particular and the American media in general. Perhaps CNN could interview Mr Jassim or Prime Minister al-Maliki and ask them what they think is the biggest threat to the success of their government?


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