Monday, June 05, 2006


First Neo-Con/Crypto-Con Carnival

Our blogfriend Bookworm has decided to hold this carnival due to personal experience.

Working through Blog Carnival, I've decided to go crazy and have a carnival of my own. The goal of this first edition to have people submit posts describing their political conversion to conservatism. You can also submit articles to me, and I'll create a blogsite to house them for the carnival. And because I personally am a crypto-conservative, I'd love to include posts from those of you who, as I did, elected to keep quiet about your political epiphany.

I'm hoping to run the Carnival on July 4, so am requesting that submissions come in by June 25. You can find a submission form here. If you think this carnival has interesting potential, even if you won't personally be submitting anything, please use your blog to let people know about it.

[Emphasis mine.]

I got to say I love hearing about people seeing the light about loony leftism. Don't we have at least one member of Brain Droppings that could contribute?


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