Thursday, June 15, 2006


Hadji Girl

Humor is subjective

I did not comment on the Ann Coulter controversy because I doubted that I had much to add. Coulter is a bomb thrower but for the right. While a leftwing pundit might make me angry because I think they are wrong and, therefore, don't appreciate their point of view. I listen to what Coulter says and smirk and probably disagree with the way she has said it. But it is nice to have someone on the right who is not afraid to give it to left. Do they think this is beyond the pale? Have they said so?

As you surely know a record of a humorous song by a Marine for Marines hit the internet this week. I call it humorous because that was the intent of the singer/writer, not because everyone who heard thought it was funny. The truth is I do find it funny but that is not why I am chosing to defend this Marine. The context in which it was sung, Marines enjoy comradeship, bonding over shared experiences and laughing at difficult circumstances is not anything we should discourage. The song is clearly not an attempt to make a joke about indiscriminantly killing civilians. Given that, we should strongly support the men on the ground. The phrase coined for this sentiment is Defend the Defenders.

From HotAir:

Update: Just received an e-mail from a credible source who encourages Cpl. Belile’s defenders to keep up the pressure.

I just got off the phone with [a source in the Pentagon]. The Cpl. reported to me that they were all VERY appreciative of the support and that this was a “Brass” decision… He said they were already getting calls and that it was helping, but they needed to get a lot more to make a difference. It really is helping the Marines to know that they are not alone and that not everyone hates them… He said these calls were making everyone’s day.

I have emailed “The Sweater Kittens” and offered to assist them with any legal representation (should it be required) and highly suggest that the Milbloggers and others make this a STRONGLY CONTESTED issue with the USMC Pentagon bureaucrats for the next week or so. Evidently, according to what I’m being told, how this situation turns out will have far reaching implications within the USMC and with the Marines who are forward deployed. It seems they are discussing a possible new “PC Policy” now for the Marines.

This sucks and I’m willing to go to the mat to fight on this. If we don’t, we’re going to be overrun with a level of PC that will completely destroy the Constitution.

Here is the contact information for the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

Commandant of the Marine Corps
Phone: (703) 614-1034
Fax: (703) 614-2358

Let the brass know that the American people support the Marines even when they are singing songs that the jihadists and the perpetually offended might not like.


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