Sunday, June 04, 2006


Moonbats comment on police video

Someone must have used the FOIA to get ahold of police videos from a demonstration. You can hear the police make comments about getting shots of some of the protestors and the tenor of the video is that only a budding police state would videotape a political demostration. The young woman who is doing the commentary says the police have special interest in videotaping masked people. Hmmm, could it be because of the anarchists who wear masks have been known to attack people and property? Lots of images from Nazi Germany spliced in to make sure that the message isn't too subtle.

"Every time I see that I wonder why we didn't fight back. Why we didn't defend ourselves. Why we didn't have baseball bats in our hands. It's scary to me that they would do that to us and it is scarier still that we would take it. And it terrifies me that some day we might not fight back when they are dragging us away to the camps."

[Emphasis mine.]

Camps? We are putting these assholes in camps? Oh not yet. I guess she is so sure that we are about to don our brown shirts that a little preemptive violence is in order.

The commentator goes on to complain about the fact that police used pepper spray to break up an unruly crowd after a bottle was thrown. Before this you see the police cameraman panning the crowd and various members of this mob making obscene gestures and comments about the police. So, of course, the bottle throwing incident was a lie used by the police to spray the crowd. (Which included a three year old. Who the hell brings a three year old to a demonstration? Don't they notice that there are masked anarchists standing around them? Those guys don't wear masks because they are afraid of melanoma. At least the kid will have a good story when they grow up to smoke pot in their parents basement.)

Next we are shown more video which conclusively proves that no bottles are thrown. At least not when that video was shot. No saying what happened earlier or where the bottle might have been thrown. But you can always trust a hippie when they tell you that they never engage in violence. You get to hear the police talk about dispersing the crowd by first demanding they leave, then using force which includes pepper spray, batons, and pepper bullets. Then they do it. What would you do if the police wearing riot gear ask you to leave with the threat of being pepper sprayed? I know I would leave. But we are treated to the moonbats plaintive calls of injustice because they are denied their constitutional right to assemble destroy private property and block streets. They get sprayed and pushed back but they attempt to stand their ground. Got to admire that stubbornness if not their instinct for self preservation.

Enjoy this glimpse into the mind of the crazed left. Brought to you by...that's right...Shoot the Pigs Productions. Can't make this stuff up. Kind of diminishes the impact of the sound of the girl crying when they are running the credits.


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