Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Moral Suasion

Moral suasion is a term I learned while studying economics but I think it equally applies in this case. It seems that a young woman has come into the possession of a T-Mobile Sidekick II (cellphone) and the owner of the phone wants it returned. (I found the link at Gizmodo.) Unfortunately for the possessor of the phone, it automatically downloads all phone records and photos to T-Mobiles servers. Also, the owner has a friend (Evan) who is technically proficient enough to start a website dedicated to shaming the girl into returning the phone. It gets better. The girlfriend has a brother in the military who has threatened Evan. Read about Evan's dealings with this girl and her friends and family. Lots of fun in the give in take between these mouth breathers and Evan. If you enjoy bad people having their bad behavior exposed to the world you will not be disappointed.

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Using the internet to police bad behavior is an excellent idea. Proof that the bright light of public disclosure is a powerful check on our basest behavior.


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