Friday, June 16, 2006


Water Powered Car

Maybe our resident engineer or scientist can weigh in on this idea.

While his unique electrolysis process – working simply with water and electricity – was originally designed to work in welding factories as a replacement for acetylene torches, a whole new application has come to light from Denny Klein, who recently filed a patent on his solution. He has converted his 1994 Ford Escort to run either as a water-gas hybrid, or on water alone.

I understand that you can't get something for nothing. Whatever law of thermodynamics that is. But I am wondering if this guy has a better way of converting hydrogen into fuel that can be easily used in automobiles. The problem being that we have plenty of energy to power cars but no good way to store that energy in the automobile, that is no cheaper way than we now have with gasoline. And it would have to be much cheaper because converting from one fuel standard to another is going to cost money.

Here is a newsreport about the inventor, Denny Klein:

So I think I understand the science and that this is not a way to turn water into hydrogen fuel. But it might be a more efficient way to turn water into hydrogen using electricity.


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