Friday, July 28, 2006


Obsession: Documentary

Radical Islam's War Against the West

This is a documentary on what is happening in the Muslim world and what it is that we face in the war on terror. The film features a former PLO terrorist, the daughter of a Egyptian man who martyred himself fighting Israel, and other Muslim's warning the west that radical Muslim's are using the same propaganda techniques as the Nazis to indoctrinate their populations, especially the young. There is a segment which discusses pacificism in the face of Islamo-fascism and predicts the same outcome to a 'peace in our time' attitude. Like Nazi Germany, today's Middle East is not just their problem. It cannot be ignored because it exists to spread its hate filled ideology. (At minute 43 you will hear Michael Moore giving his talking point, "There is no terrorist threat.") If you hear the words of the leaders of this death cult you will not be able to bury your head.

Also, discussed in the film is the left's peculiar penchant for looking inward for the solution to the problem. The conceit that if they hate us we must have done something wrong. What is necessary is a close look at radical Muslim's propaganda in the Middle East. Translated broadcasts of news and entertainment shows the most vile libel against the western world. It is truly chilling watching a three year old girl coaxed into hatred by a woman. The above link is to google video. Click on it and you can watch the documentary. It lasts 1:17, so you have no excuse. I fear that too many people do not understand the threat we face and that we can stand up to this threat now and save ourselves much bloodshed or we can wait and live with the consequences. It was George Orwell who said pacifism equaled pro-fascism. It is time to pick sides.


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