Saturday, July 01, 2006


Wretchard's on a roll

I wish I had something to add, but I don't

Wretchard comments about the conflict in Iraq and then quotes Iraq the Model's Omar:
And to those who argue that Iraq is on the verge of civil war, perhaps the most accurate comparison is with the Spanish Civil War, in which a global conflict played itself out in miniature within a single country. It is in effect, a cockpit in which global opponents are fighting through Iraqi proxies.
We must not forget that the conflict in Iraq is in fact an indirect conflict between the neighboring countries and America and among the neighboring countries themselves (a sectarian-ethnic conflict between the Arabs and Iran, a political conflict between Iran and America and another political conflict between Arabs and America and this one originates form the difference in the visions of America and Arabs for the region. Not to mention other smaller conflicts). Unfortunately the only Iraqi elements in these conflicts are the Iraqi parties that accepted to fight this conflict on behalf of Iraq's neighbors.
Its an excellent post. (His last dozen or so posts have been excellent and I encourage everyone -- especially my blogmates -- to read them all if they haven't already.) Read the comments, too. A sample comment in the thread from this post from Wretchard:
Despite maxing out their media and academic resources, the Left has not been able to shut down the GWOT. Nor even if they could regain the White House is there any prospect of any more than a marginal recovery of advantage. Their problem is fundamentally strategic. The Jihad and conservatives are now key rivals in the Dominant World View industry on the Internet. The Left can't weaken the conservatives without strengthening the Jihadi world view, which rivals it now for the mantle of the Revolution. And it can't weaken the Jihad without strengthening the conservatives. They can play coalition politics. But they will discover, as Hitler discoverd in the middle of Russia, that the moment when they could bestride the world was over.
Then agan, maybe I do have something to add. I think we all do.


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