Thursday, August 03, 2006


HDTV prices falling fast

Bill O and I were discussing an article about the overproduction of some component, a film that goes on the screens I think, that goes into HDTVs. (I am not even going to try and find this article.) MMM had overproduced them and their stock price is suffering what Bill thinks is a temporary price decline. For kicks I decided to check out the CNET review of my beloved Westinghouse 42" LCD TV and was supprised to see prices around $1600. That is $900 less than I paid in March; although you might have to pay for shipping to get this price. That is a phenomenal drop in less than six months. If only I knew. But I am not unhappy because I hope to replace my tiny 15" monitors with LCD displays someday and save myself some eye strain. If prices keep coming down that someday might be sooner than I expected.


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