Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Last Days on Earth

This show, airing as I type on ABC, is a list of 7 ways that human life on earth might end. And number one is...? You guessed it. Global warming!

And the people who question the global warming caused by humanity are the equivalent of holocaust deniers. Cranks not worth listening to. Yes, that is the comparison. Holocaust deniers. To punctuate their point they use a sound bite of Sean Hannity questioning global warming. See! That idiot questions global warming. Do you want to be on the same side as Hannity?

Al Gore makes an appearance. This summer's heat wave during July was mentioned as a symptom. Nothing about the the weather breaking and the rather pleasant August. And the hyper-hysterical world flooding graphics. Nothing like television news scaring the crap out of the populace.


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