Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The very public breakdown of Deb Frisch


Remember, she apologized on July 8th.

But she couldn't let it go so now she has a restraining order against her. And she seems bent of aggravating the situation:

I am totally fine with allowing the temporary restraining order to become permanent by failing to show up in Denver, CO on August 15. It will be tough, but I will carry on if i cannot email count cockula or post comments on lipid stupidity. we've all got our crosses and scars to bear. i'll carry on, tho it will be tuff 4 sho to say good-bye to the ephed up mofo from colorado.

I do want to communicate the fact that Mr. Lewis of Moye/White and the judge that approved the temporary RO are utterly incompetent boobs. I am not sure if I need to show up for the RO hearing or if I can do that just as easily from ore E. gone.

The next step is to write a response to a letter I received from Paul Lewis, the count's shyster lawyer. The letter from shyster@moye/white.denver.colorado is below the fold:

Actually, the idiot sent it to me as a pdf file and i don't have the time to try to convert it to text.

what a moron dingbat lawyer!

if anyone has the inclination to convert a pdf file to a word file that I can cut and paste into this post, email me and I'll send you the pdf file and you can maybe figure out how to convert it to regular plain old text (YOU ARE A DINGBAT, PAUL - thanx for the pdf file, cuckoohead!) so I can paste it here for all the peeps to c.


d [Emphasis added.]

By all means keep insulting that judge. And post the photo of the attorney, that won't hurt I'm sure. Well she hasn't completely lost her grip on reality.

It has not escaped my attention that my behavior in the last month has become increasingly “terroristic.”

For her own good I hope she quits this soon.


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