Sunday, September 24, 2006


Riviera Maya (Cancun), Mexico

Two margaritas, coming right up!

I had never stayed at an all inclusive resort before but had a great experience last week. All food and drinks were included with the flight and hotel in one reasonable price - very convenient.

Depending on what your looking for I would highly recommend the Iberostar resort I stayed at and especially this time of year. September is the slowest month due to kids being back in school and the hurricane season (insurance was cheap and allows you to cancel at any time so there was no real risk involved). I'd estimate that the resort was less than 10% capacity which meant we had the place all to ourselves. That's perfect for a honeymoon but not good if you are single and looking for some mingling and an exciting night life. But for that the Iberostar had plenty to offer during busy season.

We enjoyed the huge pools and swim up bar featured in the photo above. The weather was in the 90's every day and perfect for swimming.


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