Sunday, October 08, 2006


Geoffrey Norman thanks Congress for saving him

The folly of this is bearable — what the hell, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when legislators pass stupid laws — but the thing that grinds your gears is that these particular people should presume to worry about other people being reckless and profligate with money. When Congress stops salivating every time a piece of pork gets dragged though chambers, then they’ll be qualified to take measures to prevent the rest of us from spending the rent money on the lock of the week. I’ve got more faith in my ability to pick the winner of the Ravens/Broncos game — against the spread, of course — than I do in Congress’ capacity to balance the budget, fix Social Security, or even just to say “no and hell no” to a multi-million dollar bridge to an uninhabited island in Alaska.
You want a sure thing? Bet against Congress to balance the budget. If you can find anyone, that is, who will take the action.

This story and the Foley incident, which I think is being made worse than it is, are putting doubts into the minds of Republican voters. Not what you want to happen before an election.


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