Monday, October 30, 2006


George Allen presidential aspirations are finished

Just so you know that being as stupid as he has been in his campaign against Webb is grounds for a polite, "We'll call you if we need you in 2007."

***see updates...Ed Morrissey comes forward with details about how the Allen campaign approached him to disseminate the Webb novel passages. He declined...***

I'll be on FNC's Big Story with John Gibson, 5pm Eastern, to talk about dirty politics and blabbermouths.

Update: Here's the vid. I believe I garbled "ends" and "means," but you get what I mean. Interestingly, I'm not getting much negative mail. A few "we have to fight fire with fire" arguments and "you are not a real Republican...I'll never watch/read you again!" fulminations, but most e-mailers agree this stunt was so beneath the Allen campaign. "But the other side does it!" doesn't cut it.

You know what I was originally scheduled to talk about? My column this week arguing why Republicans deserve to be re-elected on national security grounds and why Democrats can't be trusted to act like grown-ups.

Smutgate knocked that topic off the table. Way to go!


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