Thursday, October 26, 2006


I NEVER Thought I'd Say This...

I mean I really never thought I'd say this,
maybe, for the good of the country the Dems need to win in November.

It's been a very long time since I've posted on this blog so you may think i've been to re-education camp (well...considering my new job maybe that's not far off) but that's not it.

First let me make it perfectly clear that I don't think for a moment that the dems will do a better job at running the country or that i agree with any of their party platforms, or that i think they deserve to run the country for any reason. The Dems still are the party of whining and blaming, and they still offer no credible solutions to the country's ills. And on top of all that, many of the dems stated platforms will make things much, MUCH worse (oh...repealing tax cuts comes to mind, as does cutting and running from Iraq).

But that is the essence of why they need to win. The dems need to be in a position of where they are responsible for their comments. Where what they say is taken seriously, with actual consequences. For the past six years they've been able to make headline and vituperative anti-Bush soundbites precisely because no one takes them seriously. A toothless dog, howling at the moon.

If, just if, they succeed to power then they will have to actually think about the consequences of their policy decisions. And don't think for a moment that Chuckie Rangle will be able to repeal Bush's tax cuts. It's very easy for an out of power minority party to make sound and fury over policy, but if the repeal every came to a floor vote then there are conservative Dems who not support it.

Recall what happened when Hamas was elected by the Palestinians (and no, I won't apologize for likening the Dems to Hamas). Hamas felt the sudden pressure of real responsibility; sure blowing up people is fun when it garners sympathetic, free publicity for your cause- stick it to that man! But when you ARE the man, everything changes.

Or, it's like the teenager moving away from home for the first time. He realizes quickly that maybe mom and dad weren't complete morons, that the mantle of responsibility makes decision making more complex. things aren't as easy when there's no one else to blame.

Two years of dems controlling the House wouldn't be all that bad. It might steel the President's and the Republican party's resolve at attacking crucial issues. Maybe we'll even see a few more presidential vetos.

If we can get the other half of congress to take responsibility for the war and the economy that's a good thing. And the only way the adolecscent dems will ever take real responsibility for our county is for them to have real power with its attendant consequences.


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