Monday, October 09, 2006


Kim Jong-il in the tank for Bush

I was feeling a little paranoid today so I thought I wouls play connect the dots for the moonbats. In 2004, the terrorist attack on Beslan helped secure the 'security' mom vote for W.

Pollster David Winston has always maintained that the hostage crisis at that school in Beslan in September, 2004, where so many mothers and children died, was decisive in making these women realize that security was the most important issue in that campaign. When it came to vote these women trusted the president and a Republican Congress to keep their children safe. I remember that at the time a woman in Ohio, explaining why she and her friends had finally decided to vote Republican, told me that nothing was more important to a mom than protecting her children.

Just as the election looms you have a nuke going off in North Korea to remind the American voter the world is a dangerous place. Voila. Victory. And they thought the Foley scandal would carry the day. BWahahahahahaha.


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