Thursday, October 19, 2006


Mason files countersuit saying he deserves money

Oh John you trickster! All this time making us think you were a doormat. Shaking our heads wondering when you were going to see the light about your bride to be. Well apparently being questioned by the FBI was more enlightening than you let on.

After Wilbanks went missing, investigators pressured Mason to take a lie detector test. Before he could be ruled out as a suspect, the claim states Mason was "the focal point of a possible criminal investigation and was the subject of intensive interrogation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the [FBI]." As a result, it says Mason's "personal and private life was virtually destroyed."

I guess you realize how selfish someone is when they let you go through being a murder suspect. Good luck Jennifer. I think you have as much chance of getting that money as I do.

Though it's unclear when this case will get to a jury, an Atlanta attorney says the decision could be swayed by how a jury views Mason and Wilbanks.

"If this gets to a jury, I feel that she will be in bad shape," attorney B.J. Bernstein said. "She is not a sympathetic figure for a jury, and that can make all the legal issues moot.

"It will be hard to find a jury that doesn't know about this. And even more difficult to find a jury that has sympathy for her." [Emphasis added.]

Truer words have never been spoken.


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